Pousada de Cascais, Fortaleza da Cidadela, Portugal

Pousada de Cascais, Fortaleza da Cidadela, Portugal

Approach to sustainability

In the hotel business, the Pestana Group has assumed a set of guidelines, principles and policies that constitute its approach to sustainability:

"Creating a long-term value for the company by developing its activity with respect for the environment, local culture and communities, employees and customers"

Sustainability in the Pestana Group has been a stake leveraged by 2 major objectives: profitability and business development in the long term and the conviction that the right way to achieve it is to ensure the preservation of nature and local heritage and also to have a positive effect in the community. The two objectives are closely related since it is the scenery, the people, the heritage, the identities and local cultures that customers seek and without them the business would hardly be profitable and sustainable. Therefore, our responsibility is increased not only due to an ethical motivation "to do well" but also to sustain a long term activity.


  • Positive and proactive attitude;
  • Enthusiasm and congeniality;
  • Team spirit;
  • Ethics and responsibility;
  • Top quality;
  • Renovation and daring.


To provide unforgettable moments to our customers through:

  • Differentiated and innovative products;
  • Excellence in service delivery;
  • Sustained Profitability;
  • A correct posture before society;
  • Motivated, qualified and committed teams.

Code of ethics

Adding to the existing policies in 2011, we launched a Code of Ethics that aims to guide our actions and relationship with our suppliers. This code is applied in all the locations where we operate and has been signed by our main suppliers.

The guidelines of the Code are divided in two distinct areas.

  • Working conditions: mentioning rules in order to ensure the inexistence of child labor, forced labor and any kind of discrimination; to ensure a safe and healthy work environment and fair remuneration; to ensure the compliance of working hours; to not interfere with the trade union freedom and the right to a collective bargaining by workers.
  • Environmental Aspects: in which the Group commits itself in reducing its ecological footprint.

The document also includes actions for compliance of these commitments by suppliers, such as the exchange of relevant information and conducting visits to suppliers' premises, where that need arises. In case of breaches of the Code, it will be developed a corrective action plan with a deadline agreed with the vendor reserving the right to terminate the business relationship if the situation cannot be solved.


The PLANET GUEST program, Pestana Sustainability Program which operates by the slogan "We are only guests of the Planet" continues to incorporate all the initiatives that promote the sustainability of the Pestana Group and gaining ground by asserting itself increasingly as a concept which transmits the position of the Group and its employees as a group of people who respect the planet they live in, and that demonstrate extreme concern over future generations.


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