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One of the most important resources for the functioning of our units is water. It is used in guest rooms, kitchens, for watering green areas, filling pools, washing floors, among others

The consumption of public water supply reached approximately 1.215 m3, representing a 4% reduction in the period 2010-2011. In 2011, the consumption reached 842 liters per occupied room, 457 liters per guest and 1999 liters per square meter.

Some units have water boreholes to supply them, whose water is not accounted for, it is the case of units in São Tomé and Príncipe which lack water meters

To reduce water consumption, three of our units have desalinization systems, which allow sea water treatment, transforming it into water suitable for consumption in our hotels.

Water Management Measures

  • Definition of objectives and measurable targets, continuously monitored through daily periodicity records;
  • Implementation of programs with specific measures by work area (Reception, Housekeeping, Laundry Rooms, F&B, Kitchens, Gardens, Pools, Maintenance etc.);
  • Conducting training activities of awareness raising and dissemination of good environmental practices;
  • Placement of awareness signs for the customer;
  • Water management:

- Placement of water-saving systems on the taps and showers of rooms and kitchens;

- Calibration of toilet flushes in order to reduce the water discharge;

- Existence of toilet flushes with dual flush;

- Daily monitoring of water consumption in order to detect any loss or waste;

- Recovery of levadas water for irrigation of gardens, in the Madeira units;

- Automatic watering and drop-by-drop systems making more efficient the irrigation and defining irrigation periods, wherein the evaporation is lower (morning and late day).


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