On its daily activity, the group incorporates the best environmental practices with the goal of reducing its environmental impact and promoting the continual improvement of its performance. Our responsible attitude towards the environment makes us act with the objective of using natural resources in a more rational way, protecting biodiversity and ensuring a sustainable future for future generations, ensuring business continuity in Tourism.


At our hotel units we consume different types of energy: electricity, used for hotels lighting, heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning and for operation of other equipment; Gas, in kitchen equipments and boilers; Fuel and diesel, in engines and other equipment

In the period 2010-2011, the total energy consumption was 449.511 GJ, being 55% on electricity consumption and the remaining in the above mentioned fuel types. During this period, the total consumption decreased by 4%, as a result of the implemented efficiency measures. Electricity consumption was reduced by 3% and gas consumption by 7%.

Energy consumption per customer was 0,169 GJ and 0,74 GJ per square meter.

CO2 emissions, resulting from energy consumption, reached 26.970t CO2, representing a reduction of 4%, following the trend of energy consumption reduction.

Measures of energy management

  • Definition of goals and measurable targets that were continuously monitored through daily registrations;
  • Implementation of programs with specific measures for each work area (Reception, Housekeeping, Laundry rooms, F&B, Kitchens, Gardens, Pools, Maintenance, etc.);
  • Conducting training activities of awareness raising and dissemination of good environmental practices;
  • Placement of awareness signs for customers;
  • Energy Management:

- Grouping guests by areas, thus avoiding consumption in unoccupied areas;

- Elimination of Energy consumption of unused equipment;

- Replacement of equipment for more efficient ones (for ex. bulbs);

- Control of the operation of electrical systems in rooms by the room key, allowing its use when the room is being used and its switch off when the guest leaves the room;

- Monitoring the temperature in Hotel communal areas;

- Motion sensors in walkways and in lower permanence areas.

Pestana Carlton Madeira enhances energetic savings

At the Pestana Carlton Madeira the replacement of lamps for efficient lighting systems has been gradual. So far this initiative has involved an investment of 500 €/month.

More than 80% of the building is equipped with energy-saving lamps and motion sensors.

Pestana Carlton Madeira

Pestana Carlton Madeira, Portugal

Eco-Efficiency Committees in Brazil

Eco-Efficiency Committees were formed in all Pestana Group units in Brazil, with the leadership of Maintenance Heads and the engagement of employees from different areas. In the unit of São Paulo alone, the electricity savings in 2011 exceeded €24.000.

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