Pestana Bazaruto Lodge, Moçambique

Pestana Bazaruto Lodge, Mozambique

Our contribution to social welfare

We act towards increasing the quality of life of the populations that are part of the nearby communities of our hotel units. The support is diverse and we operate in different aspects:

  • Volunteering
  • Fundraising
  • Supporting people
  • Collecting goods
  • Recovery in disaster situations

€84.084 Donated in the Campaign "Thanks for Helping"

This campaign which started in the Madeira hotels in 2008, has now been extended to all Pestana Hotels. It consists on inviting all guests of Pestana hotels to donate €1 at the check-out to support social solidarity institutions, and, for every euro donated, the Pestana Group will add €1, duplicating the voluntary support of guests to the institutions.

The funds obtained on the check-out initiative totalized €42.042 (last half of 2012) aimed at encouraging the welfare of local communities contributing to the visibility and meritorious work of institutions and their role in the weaker sectors of society. The supported institutions were selected by the hotel teams Group in each region.

The Pestana Group has doubled the amount donated by guests upon check out totaling € 84.084 donated through this initiative.

cartaz campanha Obrigado por Ajudar

Supporting 2.660 people through the Project Thomba Yedo, in Bazaruto

The hotel management has created a fund to support the Thomba Yedo community. This fund derives from fundraising donations from customers. To date, €2.500 were collected and used in local projects.

Funds are also collected through entry fees in the natural park, and snorkeling rental to tourists. 20% of the collected amount is applied in the community, in the project Thomba Yedo. 2. 660 people have already been supported.

In addition to monetary support, the Pestana Bazaruto Lodge provides certain areas of the hotel for exhibition and sale of local
manufactured products, promoting the culture and traditions of the local community.

Solidarity Tree

In the units of Madeira it was also developed The Solidarity Tree action, which consisted on placing a letter on the Christmas tree with a request from a disadvantaged child. Customers could purchase the gift themselves or offer the corresponding value.

The Pestana Casino Park, the Pestana Bay, the Pestana Grand and the Pestana Palms have participated in this campaign. In 2 weeks, about €495 were collected to buy gifts for children living in institutions, due to family abandonment. In total, 16 children were covered.

This year go on holiday to Madeira

This was the motto of the campaign that was launched with the support of the Pestana Group, in order to convey the message that the best way to help Madeira, after the tragedy, is through a visit. This was an idea of a local journalist of the Portuguese newspaper 'Expresso'
Filipe Santos Costa, who created the movement 'FANS OF MADEIRA', a large group of people - famous, anonymous and companies - that in many different ways contributed to put this campaign out in the street. The initiative, consisting on television and radio spots, printed ads
and a website, was presented at the Pestana Palace, which provided the space for the campaign launch.

The Pestana Group also called for aid to victims of the storm in Madeira through the Pestana website.

Simultaneously, the Group has developed several coordinated actions to help on site, including temporary relocation to Group employees and families affected by the situation

The maintenance teams gave support to employees and family members who expressed difficulties in restoring the basic infrastructure at their homes, as well as by lending beds, blankets, clothing and other objects to fulfill essential needs, and also by facilitating the access of employees and their families to canteens in situations of extreme urgency.

It was also organized a collect of clothes, blankets and cushions from stocks of its units, and its delivery at locations indicated by official entities.

Another aid provided by the Pestana Group was organizing teams, of employees who were not needed in the areas of the hotel gardens, cleaning and maintenance, offering their services to the cleanliness of the city of Funchal.

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