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In Portugal there are 2 Pousadas integrated in protected areas (Pousada de Santa Clara and Pousada do Infante) and hotels located in Mozambique and South Africa occupy respectively 6.500 m2 and 50.000 m2 in protected area. These units are therefore subject to biodiversity preservation rules, which are supervised by management entities of national parks. In this context, our units cooperate with the initiatives undertaken by these entities.

The Pestana Bay helps in conservation activities at the beach that surrounds the hotel, in cooperation with the entity that manages this public domain Frente Mar Funchal. Every time situations are detected that require intervention either from the Hotel or Frente Mar Funchal teams are selected to solve situations. The Hotel helped in the recovery of wooden walkways in poor conservation conditions and in the cleaning of accumulated trash in the pebbles.

Biodiversity Promotion in South Africa and Bazaruto

The hotels promote an effective supervision to protect local fauna and flora, such as: protection of pythons, bats and other unprotected animal species that might appear in the surroundings of the Kruger Lodge unit. And in Bazaruto the protection of sea turtles, dugongs and other protected fish species. They also developed local awareness raising actions in order to not destroy the dunes, to prevent timber felling and coral destruction, and to not remove fish from the island.

Official Pousadas "7 Natural Wonders of Portugal "

The Pousadas de Portugal teamed up with the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal, an initiative that makes known the natural beauties of our country, thus becoming known as "Official Pousadas ".

With over 40 destinations from north to south, including the Azores, the Pousadas de Portugal hosted the 7 Wonders team along the locations where a Special Road show passed by to promote each of the Natural Wonders put to the vote.

Its motto focuses on the idea that "If we want to protect something, first we must learn to appreciate it."

Pousada Gerês

Pousada do Gerês-Caniçada, São Bento, Portugal

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