The Pestana Group bets in innovation in all aspects of the operational management in order to improve its products and create long-term value, trying to anticipate the needs of its customers and increasing their satisfaction levels.

In all units, the Group has teams that are responsible for the implementation of rules, standards and policies thus ensuring a greater safety for its guests, employees and assets of the company.

Quality of Service

The ultimate proof of the quality of our service is demonstrated by the results we present you. Year after year businesses have grown. In 2011, even in the current context of economic crisis, we have reached over 2,6 million customers, an increase of 9% over the last year. The room nights followed the same trend with an increase of 8% between 2010 and 2011 with more than 1,6 million. Online sales also show a positive growth of 13%. On average, at the different geographic locations, occupancy rates reached 81% in high season and around 30% in low season. The most sought-after geographies, such as Brazil and Venezuela can reach a maximum occupancy rate close to 100% with large variations when compared to the minimum rates that can go down to 11%.

Assessment of customer satisfaction

Regardless of the Customer feedback, there is in all units a high concern in maintaining a high personalized contact with customers. We conduct and encourage customers to answer to a satisfaction questionnaire.

This year, in response to the LRA Blue Alerts (management satisfaction system), we also invited the Client to express his opinion on sites that rate users' opinion, namely Trip Advisor and Holiday Check.

Closer relationship with customers

At the Pestana Palms, Pestana Village, Pestana Carlton and Pestana Miramar were held Guided tours to the gardens. The visits, that took place once a week, make known the available products, services and activities to guests, improving disclosure and communication with them.

Your home, in Madeira

This action provided our customers a weekly visit, to the internal services of the Hotel to let them know how we are equipped, how do services reach them, hygiene and safety conditions, among others.

Charm Operation Tui Germany

In order to improve our relationship with this operator, the Pestana Carlton Madeira made contact with all of Tui Alemanha guests in order to meet their expectations in several areas.

ebuzz Project – Brazil

It consisted on the use of the platform eBuzz Connect, which monitors and manages the feedback from guests on reported travel, social networking sites like Trip Advisor, Booking, Expedia, and blogs, enabling to monitor our positioning when compared to the competition and setting objectives.

These objectives are reflected in the perceived quality, being a buying decision factor by customers.

Result: Over 146 comments answered in the last 3 months, and a 10% improvement in the positioning of the Pestana Rio.

Excellence in service

As a result of the feedback from customers who were housed at the Pestana Carlton Madeira, the Pestana Palms and the Pestana Miramar, these units received in 2011, the Certificate of Excellence in Service from Trip Advisor, an opinion site, acknowledged as the most visited website in the world. This certificate resulted in greater recommendation of the hotel's services by customers.

Besides this distinction, our hotels and restaurants also received:

  • the Zoover Certificate, awarded in 2011 to the Pestana Village and in 2010 and 2011 to the Pestana Grand;
  • the Style Holidays Gold Award 2011, given to the Pestana Miramar;
  • the TUI Umwelt 2011, awarded to the Pestana Miramar;
  • the Thomas Cook Award of Excellence, given to the Pestana Grand;
  • "Luxairtour Sales Award 2010", given to the Pestana Grand.
Pestana Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pestana Buenos Aires, Argentina


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