Human rights and labour conditions

In the period 2010-2011, there was no knowledge of any violation of employees' human or labour rights. The Portuguese legislation on these rights is strictly enforced and at voluntary will the units have mechanisms to report these incidents, to ensure responsible action towards our human resources department.

In this context the Pousadas de Portugal have a committee that employees can use to report any practice that goes against human and labour rights. In other geographical locations such acts may also be communicated to the Board of Human Resources.

There is also freedom of association and collective bargaining. 37% of the employees in the hotel area are unionized.

We worry about the stability of our employees, so in the case of changes of function or workplace location employees are notified 30 days in advance. Likewise we guarantee equal pay for men and women, belonging to the same professional category.

It is in force a pension plan for the employees of the Pousadas de Portugal, with a defined contribution. According to this plan, the cost in each financial year regarding this benefit corresponds to the value of the Company's contribution for the year to the respective fund

Regarding health and safety at work, in the year 2011 there were 40 work accidents in the hotels 5 of the group, and there were no deaths.

Social Welfare of Employees

In Venezuela, the collective bargaining agreement includes a clause that indicates the yearly organization of one activity for the employees outside the hotel facilities, to encourage socializing and sharing with families. In addition, there was also a futsal tournament with the participation of the management team of the hotel.

This initiative helps to improve the organizational climate and demonstrates our social responsibility before the employees and their families.

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