Training and development

Growing Together is a program developed by the Pestana Group, which seeks to develop human resources and prepare them for the development of their careers creating, by itself progression opportunities within the company. The Growing Together program has well defined objectives and it enables the acquisition of skills in the commercial and management areas.

In 2011, employees received about 44.613 training hours, approximately 12 hours per employee, especially in languages (44%) and the remainder in hotel and restaurant techniques, food hygiene and safety, behavioural, support service, computers and others.

Great Leaders - Great Teams – Great Results

The behavioural training project of the Pousadas de Portugal for the year 2010, under the motto Great Leaders - Great Teams - Great Results was developed to provide managers with several leadership skills so that, through the effective management of their teams, they could achieve the expected results for that year.

In general, it is intended the achievement of the following personal and collective goals:

  • Higher Sustained Performance;
  • Differentiating Contributions;
  • Customer Loyalty;
  • Motivated employees.

This project consists of several phases of work over the year, involving 44 heads of the Pousadas de Portugal, in an internal collective effort to achieve the proposed results.

The kick-off of this project was dedicated to an outdoor activity, which took a whole day, in order to foster the team spirit, which resulted in a fantastic day.

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