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Pestana Bazaruto Lodge, Mozambique

Waste managment

Waste management is also a concern of the Pestana Group in its units. In this context we have as principle to promote waste reduction and encourage recycling as well as the reuse of waste and materials

Waste Management Measures

  • Separation of recyclable waste, including packaging, glass, paper/cardboard, cooking oil, organic waste, light bulbs and batteries, among others;
  • To choose durable materials, recycled and recyclable (whenever possible and economically feasible);
  • Gradually we have been eliminating individual portions of purchased products in order to reduce the production of packaging waste.

Green Cork

Hotel units in Madeira participated in the Green Cork program, which aims to recycle cork stoppers. It was an activity developed throughout 2011 in partnership with Quercus, a Portuguese environmental association.

The units had cork collection points, having collected over 10 kg of cork stoppers in each hotel.This initiative aims to:

  • Reduce cork waste;
  • Defend the cork as an ecological product of national origin;
  • Defend the cork-oak forests, by planting new trees (native Mediterranean species.

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