Pestana Village Aparthotel, Portugal

Pestana Village Aparthotel, Portugal

Recognition of Environmental Management Practices

Over the years we have been recognized for implementing good environmental practices by various organizations, whether Governmental, tourism industry Guides, environmental rankings or others.

Pestana Troia Eco Resort & Residences

In the period 2010-2011 we began marketing the Pestana Troia, a project that takes sustainability as the fundamental factor in the development of the enterprise. Its main objectives are:

  • To reduce the contribution to climate change and adapt to its impacts;
  • To support the creation of a dynamic local community and integrated with its surroundings;
  • To develop a real and alive location, with its own identity, and respectful of its surroundings;
  • To preserve and enhance the ecological system of its surroundings;
  • To increase the use of healthy means of transport;
  • Using efficiently the resources, including water, waste residues and materials, during the stages of construction, operation and demolition;
  • Reducing the impact of materials during the whole life cycle of the unit;
  • To create opportunities for hosting corporate business activity that respond to local needs and which generate employment in the local community and its surroundings;
  • Ensure that buildings contribute to the global sustainability of the unit.

This unit is following the environmental certification process according to the BREEAM system (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) which presupposes the compliance of sustainability criteria in different areas by one of the most prestigious international entities in this matter.

Pestana Tróia Eco-Resort & Residences, Portugal

Pestana Tróia Eco-Resort & Residences, Portugal

The Pestana Casino Park is an "Eco-Friendly Establishment" and the Pestana Palms an "Eco-Ally Establishment"

The Regional Secretary of Tourism and Transport of Madeira recognizes once a year companies allied to environmental sustainability, attributing Environmental Quality Tourism Badges, of 3 levels: 'eco-friend' (excellence), 'eco-ally' (gold) and 'eco-attitude' (silver) to companies operating in the region.

In 2010 and 2011 was attributed to Pestana Palms the Environmental Quality Tourist Badge "Environment Allied Establishment"(Gold) and the Pestana Casino Park received the "Environmental Friendly Establishing"(excellence), which results from the evaluating of the following parameters:

  • Integration in the natural and social dimensions;
  • Energy and water resources;
  • Environmental Management and Innovation;
  • Utilities;
  • Training.

The attribution of the Environmental Quality Tourism Badges "Eco-Friend" implies the compliance of strict and demanding environmental actions. Some of the distinguishing procedures that this hotel implements are:

  • Heat recovery from chillers to heat the water used in the rooms and pool;
  • The main restaurant has temperature sensors ensuring a proper air conditioning management. The air conditioning is only switched on when required and at 90%;
  • Rooms' balconies are equipped with double glazing;
  • Rooms' feature switches that turn off the air conditioning whenever the balconies doors are open;
  • We recommend customers to participate in our sustainability program, reporting on the bedrooms clothing exchange 2 times a week and towels on costumer request;
  • There are recycling containers spread over the hotel with calls to its use;
  • We work with certified suppliers and use in our departments (F&B/Housekeeping) biodegradable cleaning and disinfection products;
  • It has been created an environmental committee that oversees and encourages the good environmental practices.
Pestana Palms, Portugal

Pestana Palms, Portugal

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