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Evaluation Model and performance recognition

The rating model is based on two areas: the operational area, related to the "know how to do", and the behavioural area, related to "know how to behave." The evaluation system is a dynamic process that aims to improve the relationship between employees and managers, having also an essentially pedagogical feature.

The evaluation may be:

  • Annual and it is mandatory for all those with at least a 6-month experience in a certain position;
  • Biannual and it is mandatory for all those who are in the company for more than 6 months and less than 3 years;
  • Extraordinary, and optional, it can be performed whenever an evaluator deems fit. It is usually recommended for situations of contract renewal or promotion;
  • Experimental, which aims to enable learning on how to rate and should be held whenever it is necessary to launch a new evaluation system in a recently acquired unit;
  • Self-evaluation, all employees are encouraged to conduct their own evaluation.

Every year, at the Pestana Meeting the Annual Awards are given to the units with the best performance in various categories, such as the "Productivity Award " and the "Sustainability Award ". Similarly the "Employee of the Month Award" and the "Employee of the Year Award" are given in all Group units as a stimulus to the performance and motivation of our employees

Besides these awards, employees with good professional performance, and according to the obtained evaluation, are given an annual bonus to which contributes the working goals that are established at the beginning of the year.

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