The Group relies on corporate social responsibility policies, valuing the dimensions of Pestana Turismo and its impact on the communities wherever our hotel units operate. We invest in boosting the local economy by generating direct and indirect employment, and attracting and retaining populations in disadvantaged areas of the country.

Depending of its surroundings and people, the Group is concerned in involving the local community, by supporting them and encouraging their welfare through local resources optimization and supporting local institutions. The dissemination and appreciation of local culture are also ongoing concerns, always looking forward to pass on to future generations their cultural identity and traditions.


In the period 2010-2011 the Pestana Group continued to promote employability, with more than 7.000 employees around the world. The opening of the Pestana Berlin generated around 40 direct jobs, plus about 15 in outsourcing.In all units, the preference is still to local employees, as well as for the consumption of local products. This way we promote employment in communities where we operate and encourage the development of local companies that boost the economies where we operate. In some geographic locations, like South Africa, São Tome, Mozambique and Brazil the national supply reaches almost 100% of total purchases from suppliers.

Employability Support in Inhaca

Inhaca continued to invest in the support project to the local Youth "Youth of the Beach", which aims to frame the young with no labor into the tourist activity. Tourist guide courses are conducted for the monitoring of tourists, beach cleaning jobs, as well as assistance to vessels that participate in fishing competitions. The Pestana Inhaca Lodge participated with a space for training, as well as with a monitor to teach the tourist guide course. The contribution resulted in 60.000MT, about €1.750. There were two employees of the Group and about 30 young people involved.

Promotion of Local Consumption in São Tomé and Príncipe

Our units in São Tomé are supplied by local companies 1, therefore supporting the development of national activities. In the islet of Rolas we buy, each month, to the fishing community a value higher than 100 national salaries, thus giving real expression to local activity.

Promoting training and employment in South Africa

The Pestana Kruger Lodge, through the Mpumalanga Tourism Association, promotes internships for tourism students who belong to the local community in the areas of hotel service and tourist guide in coordination with the Echo Africa Safaris. This project is taking place for 12 months and has 6 people involved.

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